On Drakaback: Vol 1-4

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About Cyle

Cyle Young is a renowned literary agent and award-winning author of over 20 writing awards. In just over a year, Cyle sold over 70 of his client’s books to publishing houses and he currently represents authors who have combined to sell over 20 million books. In November of 2018, Cyle’s book, Live the Dadventure!, releases with Worthy publishing.


When not writing or representing books, Cyle travels across the U.S. speaking at many conferences, including regional writers conferences in OH, MI, NC and GA, hosted by his own company, Serious Writer Inc., http://www.seriouswriter.com.


Cyle is also passionate about training writers through in person instruction and through his on-line writing school, Serious Writer Academy, http://www.seriouswriteracademy.com. You can find out more about Cyle at his website http://www.cyleyoung.com.

My Book

On Drakaback: 4 Dragonrider Short Stories Bundle: Wingriders of Keth

On Drakaback: 4 Dragonrider Short Stories Bundle: Wingriders of Keth

For a limited time only: Four short stories for the price of three!

Soar high above the clouds to the depths of the sea with this dragon rider bundle of three short stories from the Wingriders of Keth. Filled with battles, swordfights, and battleflight, these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. When you finish, you'll be begging for more!

Volume 1: Jergun the Mud Rider
When Jergun, a mud draka scout, is ambushed by the Bogrin army, can he overcome the limitations of his low rank, notify the North Wing Army, and save himself?

Volume 2: Johan the Blood Rider
For blood draka rider, Johan, the thrill of long-overdue battleflight delays his assignment from the capital. The North Wing Army needs his help, and even the growing layers of winter fat around his waist won't hold him back.

Volume 3: Merrileen the Reef Rider
When Merrileen's dragon warns her of danger, can the sixteen-cycle-old half-breed return home in enough time to provide any help? Or will the invaders ransack her unprotected island home?

Volume 4: Petro the Ash Rider
When Petro, a washed up dragon rider, finds smoke on the horizon, will he play it safe or will he try to repair his damaged name?

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